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JINXING METAL is of new technology industry with capabilities of independent research & development,production and sales as one.

It specializes in the production of precisefunctional materials such as magnetically soft magnetic alloy, Permanent magneticalloys, elastic alloy, expansion alloy, bimetallic strip, precision electricalresistance alloy, super alloy, thermocouple, electrical resistance alloy, electrothermalalloy and so on.

The company is strong in technology byhiring senior management and technical personnel from former Shanghai Alloy Plantand scientific & technical personnel from Shanghai Iron & SteelResearch Institute with high salary.

By adhering to the priorities consistentstyle of Shanghai Iron & Steel Institute, while incorporating the advancedproduction and management models of Baosteel Group, the company brings togetherthe precision alloy production technology and produces various kinds ofprecision alloys in strict accordance with Chinese Standard (GB YB), AmericanStandard (ASTM ASME ANSI), Japanese Standard (JIS), German standard (DIN), etc.The products meet national ROHS standards.


"Best quality, good reputation, competitiveprice, and mutual benefit" are the company beliefs.

20 Years Experience with Finance Services

The company owns the technologies of smelting,forging, hot rolling, cold rolling, finishing, drawing, annealing furnace, heattreatment, slitting etc, and have strict requirements of raw materials,advanced testing equipment & instruments in order to make sure high-qualityof material and under-control production details by Quality AssuranceDepartment.

With independent R & D capabilities,advanced production equipment and complete production process, JINXING METAL is occupying a leading position in China.

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